More landscapes and more beauty; Fauna, ethnicity and culture. We’ll make a break in Zanzibar, which is defined by its tranquility in paradisiac beaches and amazing seabed. In other words, a real paradise. Zanzibar is a place that stays in the background compared to the interior of Africa, but it is still an ideal place to practice diving or enjoy its beaches.

The island is the perfect place to end a great trip. It is known as “the jewel of Africa”, not only for its luxury, but also for the neighboring “Islands of Spices”. It is one of the best places in Africa, if not the best, to spend a relaxing and well-deserved vacation while sunbathing or snorkeling.

Zanzibar is an island with an area of about 1,600km2, a little less than half of the island of Mallorca. It faces Dar es Salaam, the industrial capital of Tanzania. Stone Town is the reference city of the island (also called the “stone city”). It is famous for the beauty of its hand-carved house doors and is one of the most important cities in Swahili culture. Stone Town is also famous for its music and for being the cradle of music geniuses such like Freddy Mercury or Tracy Chapman.

Zanzibar is also the birthplace of Swahili. In the streets of the capital stands out the history of what was the largest commercial port of the Indian routes and, unfortunately, bastion of the global slavery trade. Far from that dark era, the island is nowadays an example of multicultural coexistence.

Some of the activities that you can do outside the ones we have prepared are:

  • Visiting Stone Town’s Historic Center.
  • Taste a good cocktail facing the sea on the terraces of Stone Town at sunset.
  • See the red colobus, autochthonous of Zanzibar, in the jungle of Jozani.
  • Swimming with dolphins in Kisimkazi.
  • Diving or snorkeling in the Mnemba atoll.
  • Watching fishermen at sunrise, especially on the west coast.
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