Our most demanding bike safari along the Shira route, more commonly known as Lemosho. The route is 45km long and, with a very comfortable slope, takes the most beautiful itinerary and has the best views of the summit of Kilimanjaro.

We will cross an impressive rain forest, where the Colobus monkey can be found along with other very varied fauna. After camp Shira 1 we will continue until we reach a plateau known as La Catedral where, after a break, we’ll begin to descend to the entrance gate of the park.


The most authentic bike safari by lands of Maasai warriors, a 32 km route from the Maasai village of Nainokanoka to the crest of the Empakaai crater. On the way, we will probably see groups of impalas, zebras and other antelopes along with the cattle of the Maasais, who shepherd the area. The views, the nature, the wildlife, the high level of conservation, its isolation, its exclusivity and many more things make the passage through the crater of Empakaai an unforgettable adventure. Going on bike makes it even greater.


Our best bike safari for everyone levels. A flat 6 Km route that will leave us open mouthed by the singular beauty of the park in the heart of a rainforest and the possibility of finding fauna on the way.

En route we will always be escorted by a park ranger. It is a tour of singular beauty and we will have the magnificent sensation of riding in a National Park. If we have time we will have the possibility of making a new route of 10km.


Safari on bike to the very shores of the lake, described by H. Hemenwa as the “most beautiful lake in Africa.” An easy bicycle tour through villages and plantations which finish in a spectacular forest of acacias, with a large number of baboons and sometimes zebras, gazelles and other antelopes. In the lake, we will find local fishermen in rudimentary boats, fishing between pelicans, cormorants and flamingos.

You can find the information about which bike safari will take in each Safari. If you have any doubt don’t hesitate to contact us.

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