Under the Rift Valley, despite being one of the smallest national parks in Tanzania, with only 330 square kilometers, being 200 occupied by Lake Manyara, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful parks.

In its surroundings are the dense jungles, fed by the springs that rise at the foot of the Rift Valley as well as the wetlands, in the lake.

I this place are found numerous animal species, are found numerous animal species, among which stand out the colonies of baboons, green monkeys, elephants, giraffes and more than 380 species of birds.

Among the numerous predators we can find, leopards and lions are the predominant, not being its habitual environment, due to the humidity and the insects. And an essential characteristic is their ability to climb the tree branches.

Due to the variety of its fauna and flora, its beauty and its splendid strategic position, it is a place worthy of our exciting itinerary.

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