Special Kilimanjaro: safety


In Safari Bike Africa the first issue to pay attention at is the safety of our clients. The vital signs of our cyclists, oxygen saturation, general health and well-being are monitored, recorded and evaluated every day.

We have a risk management plan and our guides are prepared to respond to any emergency that may arise.

We use the best equipment to ensure that you receive the highest level of medical and safety care.

We have partnered with Global Rescue, our medical consultants and evacuation specialists. Global Rescue will provide us with travel medical insurance of the highest quality, emergency evacuation and international rescue in case of injury among our cyclists.

This is the safety team on our route to Kilimanjaro:

  • Pulse Oximeter: diagnosis and acclimatization measurement tool.
  • Hyperbaric chamber: Pressure chamber also known as a bag of Gamow.
  • AED (automatic external defibrillator) heart-saving device.
  • Oxygen kits: only for emergencies, not to complement climbing.
  • Medical stretcher: to assist in evacuation whenever necessary and specifically designed to be used in the event of a helicopter / evacuation.
  • Complete first-aid kits: carried by your guides to assist in any medical emergency that may arise.
  • Mobile phones: carried by the coordinator guide as well as by the remaining guides, for daily communications with our office in Arusha.
  • VHF two-way radios: to facilitate communication between the guides.
  • Satellite phone: carried by the coordinator guide and only for emergencies.
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