Special Kilimanjaro: mountain cooking


In Safari Bike Africa we have chosen foods that are not too difficult to digest at high altitude. The mountain-cooking menu for all our ascensions is specially prepared to provide a balanced diet based on fresh fruits, vegetables, plenty of protein and carbohydrates, combined with a high liquid content. Our cooks have undergone extensive training and our menus have been revised to offer options that meet the nutritional needs of every client.

They also offer services for different dietary needs and can provide you with fully vegetarian menus. Please, let us know in advance if you have any dietary needs.


  • Cereals and oats.
  • Fresh seasonal fruit: mango, banana, watermelon …
  • Toast (with butter, honey, jam, and olive oil).
  • French bread and crepes.
  • Sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs (fried, poached or omelet), tomatoes, cooked vegetables and fruits (oranges, mangoes, bananas)
  • Tea, coffee, cocoa, hot chocolate, soup, juice.


  • Assortment of sandwiches.
  • Fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs and cake.
  • Bread and pancakes.
  • Vegetables, chicken and meat.
  • Mixed salad.
  • Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and juice.


  • Vegetables, chicken and meat.
  • Kilimanjaro Fried Chicken (KFC), Chicken Cacciatore.
  • Spaghetti Bolognese.
  • Fish Curry Swahili Coconut.
  • Beans and sausages.
  • Chicken curry.
  • Meatballs and vegetable stew.
  • Ugali (local dish); Fruits (oranges, mangoes, bananas).
  • Tea, coffee, drinking chocolate, chicken or vegetable soup and juice.
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