In search of freedom!


That is why in SAFARI BIKE AFRICA we understand our expeditions as a great experience of life, helping to know and respect the world in which we live.

Our scheduled trips are committed to nature conservation projects as well as the recovery of endangered species and, above all, committed to the integration of people from diverse ethnic groups with many difficulties. We always collaborate with local communities for them to get benefited economically and culturally of our activity. We want to highlight our cooperation with the NGO Moyoni, to which we will donate 2% of the price of the trip, with the aim of betting on the development of projects for the eradication of poverty, the promotion of education and the eradication of child malnutrition. We want to be responsible with local communities. We want to bring the Maasai culture closer to the travelers so that they can get to know this new world first hand. We do this the way we know the best: by offering the best safaris in Tanzania and opening a door to a completely different and unknown concept.

We are a guarantee of success in all our safaris, in addition to offering totally new bike activities, characterized by being accompanied by the guards of the National Parks. With routes by bike for all levels and with the best fleet of mountain bikes in Africa. High-end carbon 2017 models and with the best brands on the market. We hope to exceed all your expectations in our great adventure “MAASAI LAND II”, which includes 3 bike safaris suitable for all audiences, in Arusha National Park, Kilimanajro National Park and Lake Manyara. Are you ready to experience riding a bike in national parks and reserves?

The safaris that we propose to you are the result of the experience achieved for more than 10 years, working as experts in luxury travel and as professional guides in Africa. The route is designed looking for the perfect balance between safety, comfort and the freedom to travel in modified 4×4 vehicles for safaris. You just have to worry about enjoying. We take care of the rest.

As a general rule, traveling with Safari Africa does not require special physical characteristics. The only exceptions are some extra-difficult routes but you will be advised by our staff, where appropriate.

You just need to enjoy nature, be sensitive to the ethnicities and cultures that we find on the route and engage in the active participation of the trip. We can assure you an experience that probably you’d never felt before.

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