Safari Bike Africa will provide European guides as well as local Spanish-speaking ones that know the area and where the route goes. They will help us to our trip into an unforgettable adventure. His kindness and good sense of humor, together with his resolving abilities, make of them a well-prepared team when it comes to solving problems or setbacks that may can find.

We have a long experience as safari tour operators and performing different activities by bike in Africa, through the most remote places and in the most adverse conditions.

The leader of the trip will always be a Spanish and English speaking guide.

Our guides love Africa and work the whole year. They know perfectly the best places to see the most elusive animals and the most secret locations. They are guides sent to Tanzania to lead your expedition. All of them have passed a demanding selection process that demonstrates their leadership with groups, experience in safaris and enthusiasm. They have great knowledge of the fauna and flora of the national parks. Also, they have been trained in previous safaris with our management team in order to solve any problem that might come across.

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