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 The Great Migration Safari 




 7 days / 6 nights 

7 days to see the greatest show of nature

This incredible safari consists of 7 days to see the greatest spectacle of nature, an explosion of wild life in circular rotation with more than 2 million wildebeest, zebra, Grant’s and Thompson’s gazelles, elands and other antelopes in search of green pastures under the Attentive look of large predators such as lions, leopards and cheetahs. The migration of wildebeest and zebras in Serengeti will not only face the danger of big cats, but also huge crocodiles of more than 4 meters will be waiting for them to cross the river Mara, in the north of Serengeti.

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 Día 1 


We will be waiting for your arrival at the Kilimanjaro airport to welcome you to Tanzania. We will transfer to our hotel in Arusha, the mythical capital of safaris, where expeditions depart to the famous national parks of northern Tanzania, Serengeti and Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Tarangire. The location of the hotel will allow you to know the center of this hospitable city at the foot of Mount Meru (4,560 m).

 Day 2 


After breakfast we will start the trip in our SUV to land of the Serengeti. The Serengeti is famous as well for hosting The Great Migration as well, because more than 3,000 lions live. Until the northern highlands of Serengeti, we will spend the night in Seronera, an area with a large number of predators where you can spot herds of more than 30 lions, leopards, cheetahs and all kinds of large mammals.

 Day 3 


We continue from Game Drive in Serengeti going up north, in the direction of Lobo and the Mara River area, where we will find large rows of wildebeest and zebras. Until reaching this point, the Great Migration has to overcome great dangers not to be hunted by predators. All this is a spectacle of wild life in its purest form.

 Day 4 


Our professional guide will take you back to the border with the Mara reserve of Kenya in search of the movement of more than 2 million Ñus, zebras, gazelles, antelopes and predators, without forgetting the more than 400 resident birds that inhabit the north of the Serengeti

 Day 5 


Our safari game drive today will take us back to Seronera where we will have the opportunity to continue seeing a great concentration of animals that do not migrate to the north like elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, lions, leopards, buffalos, hippos, sloths and birds that inhabit the center of Serengeti. Today will be the last night listening to the melody of the Serengeti savannah, the roars of hyenas and territorial lions that other intruders do not want in their territory.

 Day 6 


Early in the morning your experienced Safari Bike Africa guide will take you to the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inside the boiler the optimal conditions are given so that the animals live in freedom having all the resources of food and water that allows them not to have to migrate. The Ngorongoro crater is known for the high density of black rhinos that live in shrub areas of the crater.

 Day 7 


Unfortunately, it is the day to say goodbye to the best safari that Tanzania and Africa can offer, The Great Migration, the greatest spectacle of nature in the entire planet. We are sure that you will have the camera full of incredible memories of this wonderful adventure with Safari Bike Africa and we hope to see you again in another of our exciting safaris and adventure trips.

Customize your safari

As not all people are the same, and with our spirit of creating a unique and customized safari for each person, you choose the style of accommodation of your safari: camping, comfort or luxury
1) ARUSHA Four Points Arusha Arusha Residence Boutique Hotel Green Mountain Hotel
2) CENTRAL SERENGETI Kisura Serengeti Camp Domel Wilderness Camp Seronera Campsite
4) NORTH SERENGETI Kenzan Mara Camp Lobo Wildlife Lodge Lobo Campsite
4) NORTH SERENGETI Kenzan Mara Camp Lobo Wildlife Lodge Lobo Campsite
5) CENTRAL SERENGETI Kisura Serengeti Camp Domel Wilderness Camp Seronera Campsite
6) NGORONGORO CRATER Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge Hhando Coffee Lodge Africa Safari Glamping Manyara, Campsite
2 $3,051.00 $2,511.00 $2,106.00
3 $2,745.00 $2,232.00 $1,773.00
4 $2,574.00 $2,034.00 $1,602.00
5 $2,466.00 $1,926.00 $1,548.00
6 $2,439.00 $1,863.00 $1,494.00
7 $2,412.00 $1,854.00 $1,458.00
8 $2,394.00 $1,840.50 $1,449.00
9 $2,376.00 $1,827.00 $1,431.00
10 $2,358.00 $1,813.50 $1,413.00
11 $2,340.00 $1,800.00 $1,395.00
12 $2,322.00 $1,786.50 $1,377.00
13 $2,304.00 $1,773.00 $1,359.00
14 $2,286.00 $1,759.50 $1,341.00
15 $2,268.00 $1,746.00 $1,323.00
16 $2,250.00 $1,732.50 $1,305.00

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