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 Tanzania on bike Safari 



 12 days / 11 nights 

Ready to pedal the adventure of your adventure?

Exciting cyclist safari in the Maasai savannah

and with the best safari through the most impressive National Parks of Tanzania.

The adventure begins!

 Day 1 

Arrival at the airport:  KILIMANJARO 


We will be waiting for your arrival at the Kilimanjaro International Airport to move to the North East of Kilimanjaro, north of Mt. Meru, to the Africa Amini bungalows. We will spend our night in a magical place adjacent to the Arusha National Park where we will enjoy the company of our Maasai friends in our first night in Africa.

 Day 2 

Bike route Maasai Land MAASAI LAND – SIMBA FARM 


Early, after breakfast we will make a small transfer to the vicinity of Ngare Nanyuki to begin our first stage by bike through Maasai lands.

Today’s stage will be one of the most special moments of the holidays. A circular route through which we will cross different ecosystems and we will have the opportunity to see a lot of zebras along the way. Also in less quantity we will see wildebeest, Grant gazelles, jackals, ostriches ..

On the way we will have the opportunity to see Maasai herders with their cattle. At the end of our 5 star route we will travel by vehicle to the Simba Farm. The campsite is located in green meadows next to a hill, from where we will have panoramic views of the savannah.

 Day 3 

Cycling route in National Park SHIRA KILIMANJARO 

Stay:  MAASAI LODGE  [Full Board]

After a potent breakfast we will travel by vehicle to the Londorossi entrance (2,100mt) of the Kilimanjaro National Park, where the full stage of the route will begin, 61 km, with almost 1,500mt positive and 2,500m negative accumulated.

We will climb 1,450mt on a 100% cycle path where we will see a great variety of landscapes and ecosystems. At the beginning we will cross the lush tropical forest, where we will have the opportunity to see families of Colobo monkeys, to continue ascending among pine forests that will gradually disappear until it becomes an alpine landscape of high mountain. After a break in Shira 1 Camp we will continue pedaling up to a plateau called La Catedral 3,500 m), where we can make the best photos of the snow-capped summits of Kilimanjaro.

From the Cathedral we will descend to the Londorossi gate. Once signed, we will continue down to Engare Nairobi where our transfer vehicle will be waiting to take us to our accommodation today, a Maasai village. A difficult experience to forget where we will learn a little about this mythical tribe of brave warriors.

 Day 4 

Bike route in Maasai lands LONGIDO – KITUMBEINE 


In the first hour we will say goodbye to the Maasai family to make an off-road transfer to Longido, where we will start the 50km bike stage today.

We enter the inhospitable Maasai Land. Today’s stage, after the beating of the previous day, tends down what is to be appreciated. In a short time we will begin to see in front the great Kitumbeine volcano.

The last part of today’s stage is downhill, which will be appreciated after the hard stage of the previous day in Kilimanjaro.

 Day 5 


Stay:  DOMEL GARDEN LODGE  [Full Board]

In the morning, not to lose the habit, we will start after breakfast a stage of 45 km between volcanoes, Maasai and a large number of wild animals, such as zebras, wildebeest, and giraffes that graze together with the cattle of cows or goats. of the Maasai child shepherds.

Little by little and in front we will be getting closer to the Maasai sacred mountain, the volcano, Oldoinyo Lengai. The only active volcano in Tanzania, in form and epic dimensions, of sublime beauty.

Upon reaching the volcano we will continue the expedition in our vehicle bordering Lake Natron and ascending the Rift Valley to reach Wasso, in the vicinity of Loliondo, where we will stay at the Domel Garden Lodge.

 Day 6 



Once we have finished the fabulous breakfast, we will prepare to ride the bike back to the Serengeti.

Along the way there will be many possibilities to see animal fauna, due to the proximity to the most famous National Park in the world.

Arriving at the Serengeuti gate, Entrance Kleins, we will finish today’s stage to start three days of safari. From the Kleins gate we will start the safari game drive towards Lobo, premium zone due to the great density of wildlife.

During the trip to Seronera we will continue the safari stopping to take pictures and contemplate the wildlife.

The Kisura Serengueti Camp, where we will stay the next 2 days, will provide all the comforts in one of the premium zones, with a high density of animal life.

 Day 7 


Stay:  KISURA SERENGETI CAMP  [Full board]

Today we will wake up in the middle of the savannah and continue the safari through the best areas of Seronera.

On the way we will stop to have a picnic for lunch. Then we will continue the game drive in the biggest show of nature live. We will stop at a viewpoint located near a hip pool, a natural pool full of hippos, which you can observe from a small viewpoint at only 4 meters.

After a magnificent and wild game drive, worthy of the best animal reports and before returning to our luxury camp, we will make a stop in the visitors center of Seronera, we will have the opportunity to know a little more about the secrets and history Serengeti, see skulls of different animals, make an educational journey walking between kopjes and learn more about their fun and curious inhabitants, the rockers.

 Day 8 


Stay:  RHINO LODGE  [Full Board]

As usual, we will get up early in our luxurious tended camp of the Serengeti, after an emotional farewell, leave for the great Ngorongoro volcano.

On the way to the exit of the Serengeti National Park, we will be doing our last game drive in this park that never disappoints.

We will follow the path until we reach the great Ngorongoro volcano, where we will descend to the crater to make a game drive in the so-called “eden volcano”, due to the large amount of fauna concentrated in its caldera. We will stay in Rhino Lodge, located in the very crown of the crater of the great volcano of Eden.

Our lodge tonight is closed, due to the low temperatures during the night, since we will be more than 2,300 meters above sea level.

 Day 9 


Stay:  ACACIA CAMP  [Full Board]

In order not to lose our routine we will get up early in our lodge to make a small transfer to the Maasaai Naonokanoka village, within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

In Nainokanoka we will start the bike stage today that we are sure will not leave anyone indifferent. The uniqueness of the landscapes that runs along the road, from the steppe of the plains to lush tropical forests, together with the gazelas, coyotes, birds, zebras and a lot of other animals that we will see that will make it one of the best moments of the trip . With bike BH Bikes.

Once we arrive by bike to the ridge of the Crater Emakaai we will continue a few more kilometers to a village where we will finish the bike route to start a 2 hour trek, 6 km, to our camp in Oldoinyo Lengai.

 Day 10 


Stay:  ENGARUKA WILD CAMP  [Pensión completa]

After breakfast we will say goodbye to the unique site of the Oldoinyo Lengai volcano to continue a trekking in which we will descend to the base of the Oldoinyo Lenghai volcano. 4 kilometers due to the steep slopes will take approximately 2 hours.

Once the trekking is finished, after a small transfer by vehicle, we will start the 45 km bike route to the Engaruka village. We will cross the Engaruka basin, a depression of the terrain where it is easy to see animal fauna next to the Shepherds Masaais.

In Engaruka we will have the possibility of knowing the centenary customs of this population for 500 years.


 Day 11 



Once we have finished the fabulous breakfast prepared by our cooks we will arrange to ride again on the bike towards Lake Manyara, 65 km of route by bike. Way to the south we will follow the barrier of the Great Rift Valley. During today we are lucky we can continue to enjoy animals on the road.

In the town of Selela we will stop for lunch and recharge our batteries to continue pedaling to Mto wa Mbu. Fishing village on the shores of Lake Manyara. and departure point to the great safaris in the Ngorongro and Serengeti.

Following our ideals of helping the most needy communities and social groups, you will have the opportunity (whoever wishes) to visit one of the orphanages, of which, Safari Bike Africa and the NGO Moyoni (, they collaborate directly.

You can personally donate clothing and / or school supplies, stuffed animals, etc … if you had brought from your country of origin. (For more information about donating or other humanitarian projects, you can request information directly from us).

At night we will have a wonderful “buffet” dinner, prepared by a local family in the middle of a banana plantation, consisting of more than 8 different traditional African dishes for everyone’s taste.

For the most cheerful, there will be the option to visit a local pub and enjoy a cool drink and Tanzania music. Likewise, whoever is interested can visit a local craft market, in case you would like to take a souvenir, apart from what you have already lived, or a souvenir for your friends and family.

 Day 12 


From Lake Manyara we will conclude this great adventure by bike through the heart of Africa.

We are sure that you will have the best memories of this wonderful adventure with Safari Bike Africa and we hope to see you again in another of our exciting and adventurous routes.


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