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 Kilimanjaro Safari Kilimanjaro Safari 


 & Maasai Land Bike Safari 


 9 days / 8 nights 

Ready to ride the adventure of your life?

Safari expedition to the top of Kilimanjaro

Africa’s highest peak and roof of the world by bicycle and therefore cycling mecca

Level Cyclist Route:

+ 1 Maasai land bike safari

The adventure begins!

 Day 1 

Arrival at the airport: KILIMANJARO 

Stay:  HONEY BADGER LODGE  [Half pension]

We will be waiting for your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport to move to Moshi, capital of Kilimajanro, where we will stay our first night. Before the welcome dinner we will visit by bike or walking the Colobos forest, where we can see a lot of these peculiar monkeys.

 Day 2 

Kilimanjaro National Park – KILEMA CAMP 

Stay:  KILEMA CAMP  [Full board]
Level Cyclist route:
 Advanced  [12 Km]
Accumulated drop:  1.000 m positives

Early in the morning we will travel by vehicle through semi-tropical hills to the Marangu gate, where we will obtain permits. Then move to the Kilema gate (1,900m), where we will begin our adventure to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

Today’s bike leg will be our welcome to the park and we will cross the famous Rain Forest, humid forest, of Kilimanjaro. The route ends at Camp Kilema (2,900 m).

Vegetation: Humid, semi-tropical forest.

 Day 3 

Kilimanjaro National Park KILEMA CAMP – HOROMBO 

Stay:  HOROMBO HUTS  [Full board]
Level Cyclist route:
 Advanced [8 Km]
Accumulated drop:  800 m positives 

Today’s bike journey will continue to climb through the forest to Horombo 3,700m.

Vegetation: Alpine forest.

 Day 4 

Kilimanjaro National Park  HOROMBO – MAWENZI – HOROMBO 

Stay:  HOROMBO HUTS  [Full board]
Level Cyclist route:
 Advanced  [10 Km]
Accumulated drop:  950 m positives and 950 m negatives 

Today’s stage is acclimatization to height. But we will not stop riding bicycles.

Vegetation: Alpine Desert.

 Day 5 

Kilimanjaro National Park  HOROMBO – KIBO 

Stay:  KIBO HUT  [Full board]
Level Cyclist Route:
 Advanced  [10 Km]
Accumulated drop:  1.000 m positives 

After a generous breakfast we will continue rolling towards the base of the Kibo mountain, where is the refuge in which we will sleep tonight. From the refuge we will see very close the top of the crater, the top of Kilimanjaro. The road today continues to have a small stone and next to the height we are at, more than 4,000 mt, will test our physical resistance.

Vegetation: Alpine Desert. The road is cycleable by bicycle 90% of the way.


 Day 6 

Kilimanjaro National Park  KIBO – UHURU – THIRD CAVE CAMP 

Stay:  THIRD CAVE CAMP  [Full board]
Level Cyclist Route:
 Advanced  [22 Km]
Accumulated Drop:  1.300 m positive and 2.700 m negative

At 3 o’clock in the morning we will be awakened by our guides to begin at night this mythical stage in which we will reach the top of Kilimanjaro, Uhuru peak (5,895 mt). The zigzag path through which we climbed yesterday’s stage to the Hans Mayer cave, will take us about 2 hours and we hope to reach this point before dawn. Once we pass Hans Mayer’s cave the road gets steeper and steeper until Gilman’s Point (5.700mt). In Gilman’s Point we will ride again to the Uhuru peak, top of Africa, where depending on the weather conditions we will spend a few minutes to immortalize our success.

Then we will continue by bike to Stella Point where we will deliver the bikes to our porters and descend to the Kibo refuge where they will deliver them again to continue our descent by bike to the Third Cave camp (3,880m).

Vegetation: High mountain rocks and ice blocks “Alpine Desert / Lunar Desert”. Today cycling from Kibo to Uhuru and then back to Kibo has 15% -20% cyclability, from Kibo to Third Cave 100%.


 Day 7 

Kilimanjaro National park  HOROMBO – MOSHI 

Level Cyclist Route:
 Advanced  [27 Km]
Accumulated drop:  1.950 m negative

After a relaxed breakfast, we will enjoy a bike ride down the beautiful Rongai route through alpine forest and the rainforest. At the door Rongai we will wait for our transfer vehicle to take us to our accommodation in Maasai lands, the Maasai Lodge, where we will be welcomed by our friendly friends to live an unforgettable experience with them.

Vegetation: Alpine, semi tropical and humid forest. The road is cyclable by bike 100% of the way.

 Day 8 


Stay:  AMINI MAASAI LODGE  [Full board]

We will get up early to have breakfast and start a Maasai-guided route through the plain between Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meuru.

In the bike safari we will have the opportunity to see a lot of zebras, jackals, Grant gazelas, kudus, ostriches, etc for some landscapes that we will not forget.

On our return from our bike safari we can enjoy the company of the Maasai in the Lodge in its pool, sauna and other facilities.

In the evening we will enjoy with them the MTV Maasai, as they call the great bonfire and living space during the night.


 Day 9 


We advise you to take advantage of the morning time available before flying back to the Kilimanjaro airport where you will have the international return flight connection. We are sure that you will have the best memories of this wonderful adventure with Safari Bike Africa.

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