Kilimanjaro Safari Trekking 

 Rongai Route 

 9 days / 8 nights 

 Kilimanjaro – Rongai  Route


This route will take you to reach the highest peak in Africa from the east side, the less traveled of Kilimanjaro. We begin the ascent by the slope of Rongai and we will descend by Marangu. In Rongai we will enjoy its climatic diversity and, of course, its breathtaking views. This route is smoother than the rest of the routes and has a high success rate. We will pass by the only lake in the mountain and we will camp next to it, we will also enjoy with a bit of luck the sighting of mammals and even some elephant that migrates from the plains of Amboseli.


If you like the wildest and least traveled routes Rongai is your route to Kilimanjaro. Combining nights in a tent and wooden shelters: DARE!

The adventure begins!

 Day 1 

Arrival at the airport:  KILIMANJARO – MOSHI 

Stay:  Honey Badger Lodge  [Dinner included]

Welcome Kilimanjaro International Airport. Transfer to the mythical capital city of Kilimanjaro, Moshi, where the hotel of your first night in Tanzania is located. After the briefing we will have a welcome dinner before the expedition to Kilimanjaro begins.

 Día 2 

Rongai Entrance (2.000 m) / Simba Camp (2.630 m) 

Stay:  Tent [Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner]

We start the walk from the village Nale Moru through the less visited side of Kilimanjaro and cross farmland that will give way to a pine forest, we will see various ecosystems of great beauty in a short trek to the Simba camp.
Vegetation: Humid, semi-tropical forest.

 Day 3 

 Simba Camp (2.630 m) / Second Cave Camp (3.450 m) 

Stay:  Tent  [Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner]

You will continue the ascent with the incredible views of the Kibo crater and the eastern glaciers
Vegetation: Alpine forest and moor.

 Day 4 

 Second Cave camp (3.450 m)/ Kikelewa Camp (3.600 m) 

Stay:  Tent  [Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner]

In our ascent to the caves of Kikelewa we will leave the pine forest to enter the path in the moor on the way to Mawenzy.
Vegetation: Alpine forest and moor.

 Day 5 

 Kikelewa Camp (3.600 m) /  Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4.330 m) 

Stay:  Tent  [Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner]

It ascends through hillsides with grass that will disappear as we gain height towards the cliffs of Mawenzi.
Vegetation: Alpine Desert.

 Day 6 

 Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4.330 m) / Kibo Camp (4.330 m) 

Stay:  Cabin Refuge Kibo [Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner]

During today’s trek to Camp Kibo we will cross a lunar desert between the Kibo and Mawenzi mountains where we will have our base camp the day of making the Kilimanjaro peak in the Kibo refuge
Vegetation: Alpine Desert.

 Day 7 

 Refugio Kibo (4.330 m) / Cima Uhuru (5.895 m) / Refugio Horombo (3.720 m) 

Estancia:  Cabaña madera Horombo   [Incluye desayuno, almuerzo y cena]

We will depart from early morning to arrive at the sunrise to the roof of Africo. In our challenge we will have to overcome the inclined wall until we reach Gillman’s Point and from there continue along the crest of the Kibo crater to the summit of Uhuru Peak. After a few minutes immortalizing your Kilimanjaro challenge, we will begin to descend so as not to be cold until the refuge of Horombo.
Vegetation: High mountain, blocks of ice and alpine desert.

Day 8

 Horombo (3.720 m)/ Puerta Marangu (1.880 m) / Moshi 

Estancia:  Honey Badger Lodge  [Incluye desayuno, almuerzo y cena]

We will continue descending in our farewell to Kilimanjaro through the jungle of the rain forest of Kilimanjaro. After the delivery of the diplomas of Kilimanjaro we will transfer by vehicle to our hotel in Moshi
Vegetation: Humid, semi-tropical forest.

 Day 9 

Moshi / Airport Transfer

[It includes breakfast]

The end of an excellent journey has arrived in our challenge Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa. After breakfast we will go to Kilimanjaro International Airport to say goodbye to this great adventure in Kilimanjaro.

Details of your challenge Kilimanjaro

Below you can find a summary of your Kilimanjaro challenges, as well as the prices per person
Día 1 Aeropuerto Kilimanjaro Moshi (900 m)
Día 2 Puerta Rongai  (2.000 m) Campamento Simba (2.630 m) 6,5 km / 4 h
Día 3 Campamento Simba (2.630 m) Campamento Second Cave (3.450 m) 6 km / 4 h
Día 4 Campamento Second Cave (3.450 m) Campamento Kikelewa (3.600 m) 6 km / 4 h
Día 5 Campamento Kikelewa (3.600 m) Campamento Mawenzi Tarn (4.330 m) 6 km / 4 h
Día 6 Campamento Mawenzi Tarn (4.330 m) Refugio Kibo (4.330 m) 9 km / 5 h
Día 7 Campamento Mweka  (3.100 m) Cima Uhuru (5.895 m) Cabañas Horombo (3.720 m) 15 km/ 11h
Día 8 Cabañas Horombo (3.720 m) Puerta Marangu (1.880 m) 20 km / 5 h
Día 9 Moshi  (900 m) Aeropuerto Kilimanjaro
1 $2,690.00
2 $2,030.00
3 $1,905.00
4 $1,820.00
5 $1,770.00
6 $1,730.00
7 $1,695.00
8 $1,665.00
9 $1,635.00
10 $1,625.00

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