Kilimanjaro Safari Trekking 

 Marangu Route 

 8 days / 7 nights 

 Kilimanjaro – Marangu  Route


This route, the most popular and used by visitors to Kilimanjaro, will take us to the top in a faster and safer way, but no less fun. At the beginning of the route and at the end of it we will have the possibility of seeing colobus monkeys as well as other mammals and birds. We will cross its dense jungle, moors and “the saddle” (a high altitude desert), on the way to the Kibo refuge, our base camp from where we will attack the Uhuru peak. During the ascent we will always have the support of the entire Safari Bike Africa crew. We will spend the night in wooden huts set up as mountain shelters.


If you want more comfort in your challenge to Kilimanjaro, sleeping in huts of wooden cabins Marangu route is ideal for you.

The adventure begins!

 Day 1 

Arrival at the airport:  KILIMANJARO – MOSHI 

Stay:  Honey Badger Lodge  [Dinner included]

Welcome Kilimanjaro International Airport. Transfer to the mythical capital city of Kilimanjaro, Moshi, where the hotel of your first night in Tanzania is located. After the briefing we will have a welcome dinner before the expedition to Kilimanjaro begins.

 Day 2 

 Marangu Entrance (1.880 m) / Mandara Huts (2.700 m) 

Stay:  Tent  [Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner]

After breakfast we will drive by car to the Marangu gate where once we have obtained the permits we will begin our Kilimanjaro challenge. The road crosses the thick jungle of the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro. We will spend the night in a wooden huts in Mandara.
Vegetation: Humid, semi-tropical forest.

 Day 3 

Mandara Huts (2.700 m) / Horombo Huts (3.720 m) 

Stay:  Tent  [Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner]

To ascend to our next camp in the Horombo cabins we will cross a leafy path in which the forest will be transformed into alpine moor, with giant senecios and heathland.
Vegetation: Alpine forest.

 Day 4 

 Horombo Huts (3.720 m) / Mawenzi (4.600 m) / Horombo Huts (3.720 m) 

Stay:  Tent  [Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner]

Day of acclimatization in the climb up to Mawenzi Hut to gain height and then return to the Horombo cabins.
Vegetation: Alpine Desert.

 Day 5 

 Horombo Huts (3.720 m) / Kibo shelter (4.330 m) 

Stay:  Tent  [Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner]

Continue the tour through a desert alpine area of Kilimanjaro Saddle until you reach the refuge of Kibo which can enjoy great views of the Kibo crater.
Vegetation: Alpine Desert.

 Day 6 

 Kibo Shelter (4.330 m) / Uhuru Peak (5.895 m) / Horombo Huts (3.720 m) 

Stay:  Tent  [Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner]

Early in the morning around 03:00 am we will start the climb to the top of Kilimanjaro, crossing Stella Point until we reach the Summit where we can enjoy a few minutes watching the sunrise before descending again to the Horombo huts.
High mountain, ice blocks and alpine desert.

 Day 7 

 Horombo Huts (3.720 m) / Marangu Gate (1.880 m) / Moshi  

Stay:  Honey Badger Lodge   [Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner]

We will continue descending through the rain forest towards the Marangu gate. After the delivery of the diplomas we will move to rest to our accommodation in Moshi.
Vegetation: Humid, semi-tropical forest.

 Day 8 

 Moshi / Transfer airport

[It includes breakfast]

The end of an excellent journey has arrived in our challenge Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa. After breakfast we will go to Kilimanjaro International Airport to say goodbye to this great adventure in Kilimanjaro.

Details of your challenge Kilimanjaro

Below you can find a summary of your Kilimanjaro challenges, as well as the prices per person
Día 1 Aeropuerto Kilimanjaro Moshi (900 m)
Día 2 Puerta Marangu (1.880 m) Cabañas Mandara (2.700 m) 8,5 km / 4 h
Día 3 Cabañas Mandara (2.700 m) Cabañas Horombo (3.720 m) 11,5 km / 5 h
Día 4 Cabañas Horombo (3.720 m) Refugio Mawenzy (4.600 m) Cabañas Horombo (3.720 m) 10 km / 5 h
Día 5 Cabañas Horombo (3.720 m) Refugio Kibo (4.330 m) 10 km / 5 h
Día 6 Refugio Kibo (4.330 m) Cima Uhuru (5.895 m) Cabañas Horombo (3.720 m) 20 km / 11 h
Día 7 Cabañas Horombo (3.720 m) Puerta Marangu (1.880 m) 10 km / 4h
Día 8 Moshi  (900 m) Aeropuerto Kilimanjaro
1 $2,560.00
2 $1,900.00
3 $1,775.00
4 $1,695.00
5 $1,635.00
6 $1,600.00
7 $1,560.00
8 $1,530.00
9 $1,500.00
10 $1,490.00

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