Truck expedition


The expectations of the travelers are always surpassed by our routes by truck. It is not easy to explain what a truck trip is really like with us … it’s best to live it! We take care of every detail to make of it an unforgettable adventure full of sensations. Safari Bike Africa has structured the adventure in the most inhospitable and wild places respecting the comfort that our western clients require.

Our truck has been modified to give the best service in the most adverse and demanding conditions. The modifications have been carried out to give habitability, functionality and autonomy, which allows us to be self-sufficient throughout the expedition, having space for all camping material, kitchen equipment, tanks with more than 500 liters of diesel, water tanks, etc … The height of the truck in which we travel will allow us to photograph animals that are not possible to see from other kinds of vehicles. For more information on our vehicles, continue reading.

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