Classic Safari Tanzania 


 5 days / 4 nights 

 5 days visiting Tanzania, the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro 

This safari consists of 5 days in which we will visit the most prestigious parks of Tanzania, the natural wonders of Serengeti and the Crater of Ngorongoro. Prepared to live with lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos, antelopes, gazelles, zebras, wildebeest, rhinos, crocodiles, and fascinating birds during a movie safari.


 Day 1 


We will be waiting for you at the Kilimanjaro International Airport to give you a warm welcome to Tanzania. We will move to our hotel in Arusha , the mythical capital of safaris, where expeditions to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro begins. The location of the hotel will allow you to get to know the city center before dinner time.

 Day 2 


Early in the morning we will leave for Serengeti, the national park known as The Great Migration and the one of the places with the highest concentration of predators on the planet. In our safari vehicle we will enter Serengeti through the Nabi gate, crossing the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Up to Seronera, where we will spend the night. We will cross the great endless plains of the Serengeti, sprinkled with Kopjes, rock formations that both lion and leopards like to stalk their prey. Our night will end in the center of Serengeti, Seronera.

 Day 3 


After spending the night in our premium site, due to the great density of big cats that inhabit it, under the symphony of savage wild beasts we shall have a new full day of safari game drive in Serengeti, Seronera. Our experienced guides will help you spot the elusive animals to see like cheetahs and leopards. The picnic lunch will be done at hippo pool where we can get off our Safari Bike Africa and get around the terrain to observe from a viewpoint a giant hippopotamus community. This second night will end in the heart of Serengeti, Seronera, under an ocean of stars and the roars of lions.

 Day 4 


After breakfast we continue with the safari game drive to the Ngorongoro crater where we will begin the search of one of the 40 black rhinoceros that inhabit this Eden of nature with more than 30,000 other mammals, in which there are more than 7,000 wildebeests, 4,000 zebras and more than 70 lions.

 Day 5 


On this day we will say goodbye to the best safari that Tanzania and Africa offered. We are sure that you will have the best memories of this wonderful adventure with Safari Bike Africa and we hope to see you again in our other exciting safaris and adventure trips.

Customize your safari

As not all people are the same, and with our spirit of creating a unique and customized safari for each person, you choose the style of accommodation of your safari: camping, comfort or luxury.
1) ARUSHA Four Points Arusha Arusha Residence Boutique Hotel Green Mountain Hotel
2) SERENGETI Kisura Serengeti Tented Camp Domel Wilderness Camp Seronera Campsite
3) SERENGETI Kisura Serengeti Tented Camp Domel Wilderness Camp Seronera Campsite
4) NGORONGORO CRATER Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge Hhando Coffee Lodge Africa Safari Glamping Manyara, Campsite
2 $2,061.00 $1,638.00 $1,350.00
3 $1,836.00 $1,417.50 $1,143.00
4 $1,737.00 $1,314.00 $1,008.00
5 $1,665.00 $1,260.00 $945.00
6 $1,638.00 $1,224.00 $909.00
7 $1,611.00 $1,197.00 $882.00
8 $1,593.00 $1,179.00 $855.00
9 $1,575.00 $1,161.00 $828.00
10 $1,557.00 $1,147.50 $801.00
11 $1,548.00 $1,134.00 $783.00
12 $1,539.00 $1,120.50 $769.50
13 $1,521.00 $1,107.00 $756.00
14 $1,507.50 $1,093.50 $742.50
15 $1,494.00 $1,080.00 $733.50
16 $1,485.00 $1,066.50 $724.50


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